Friday, June 3, 2016

San Francisco Pride Parade 2016: Leather Alley and Little Scouts

Hello Scouts and thank you to everyone who came to help us plan our presence at Leather Alley during the 2016 San Francisco Pride Parade!

We were able to come up with a to-do list for our officers in preparation. We're going to have a lot to do as our booth has grown exponentially this year. That means that we need volunteers! Volunteers are needed to:
  • Help with set up Help with clean up
  • Speak to the public about ageplay, hand out materials, sell merchandise, and answer questions
  • Do face painting for donations 
Our presence in Leather Alley has several goals this year:
1. To raise funds for future events and to help cover the costs of our presence in Leather Alley itself.
2. To educate people about ageplay and help them to be involved with the local ageplay community and Little Scouts.
3. To demonstrate to Leather Alliance what we're capable of!

 How are we going to accomplish these goals? In order to raise funds, we'll have several fun activities for people to do.

  • Face painting 
  • Selling temporary tattoos 
  • Selling Little Scouts uniforms (berets, pins, and sashes) 
  • Allowing people to ride or pose with Horatio, the wooden horse 

In order to educate people about ageplay and help them be involved with Little Scouts, we'll have materials to pass out.

This is where you come in! Please email your favorite ageplay links to In addition, we've decided to, as a group, make our own "Ask First" panties/diaper covers/whatever you wear on your butt. We just thought it was a cute, flirty idea. You don't have to do this in order to be involved, but it is a group project that you might want to participate in!

Lastly, we're going to be performing some demos. I (Penny) will be doing a diapering demo, Zoey will be doing a spanking demo, and Jesbian will be doing her cupcake demo. While we're not sure of the order yet, demos will be happening at noon, 1:30, and 3:00. A lot of people asked about demos last year, so if you're volunteering, please memorize these times!

 As for showing Leather Alliance what we're capable of, just show up, be prepared, and be your friendly self! We suggest coming in uniform or at least ageplay attire. We're going to make an effort to wear boots in order to support the bootblacks. If you're able to volunteer, we'll need people from about 10:00 to 7:00 on Sunday, June 26. Please email us at to let us know when you will be available.

Penny LSSF Secretary

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