Little Scouts SF is held together by a core group of informal officers with different responsibilities and skills. Presently we have no set criteria for who becomes an officer. It's just according to what we need and which roles people are naturally filling. Sometimes titles change as jobs change hands and natural talents come to the fore. Everyone does too much to be listed here. We simply mention their main contributions to recognize their efforts and give others a better idea of how to be involved. Click on an officer's name to view their FetLife profile.

Carolyn - Founder & Crafter - A skilled seamstress and task-oriented Scout, Carolyn makes all of our sashes and creates other items that the Scouts need.

Jesbian - Public Relations - As a leather titleholder (International Little Miss Little 2014), Jesbian is specially qualified to serve as our public relations officer and her sunny personality and background in design are why she's so great at marketing.

Penny Barber - Secretary - Penny writes copy, helps with the website, and takes notes at meetings. Basically, she makes things happen.

Sinclair - Graphics - The artistic, incomparable Sinclair does amazing graphic design for our flyers. Her varied background and skill set also enables her to teach classes.

Zoey Bellfield - Founder & Treasurer - A founding member of Little Scouts, Zoey writes copy, helps with the website, orchestrates events, and basically does anything and everything needed to keep Scouts running smoothly.