Friday, May 6, 2016

New Calendar Events

Your friendly Little Scouts Llama Scouts have worked out the Little Scouts calendar for the next year! Having an entire year of events to look forward to will help us with budgeting, planning, and help to avoid volunteer burnout. Don't see an event on here, like our zoo or ice skating outings? Don't worry! Lots of smaller Little Scouts events are still taking place. This calendar is just larger events that require plans beyond, "Please show up at this place on this day at this time!"

June Pride Parade Leather Alley
July Bake Sale at the Eagle
September Folsom Street Fair
September/October Little Space Disneyland Trip
October Halloween Party with Taboo at the Citadel
December Leather Alliance Holiday Party
February Valentine's Day Party
April International Ms. Leather

Details about specific events will be announced as the event approaches. As of right now, we're looking for volunteers for our presence at Leather Alley during the San Francisco Pride Parade. Want to help out? Come to our June meeting at Wicked Grounds!