Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Badges to Earn on Your Own!

We are coming out with a wonderful new idea for Little Scouts. Since some littles can't make it to every event, and also to promote community, there will be a series of badges that can be earned at your own pace. These are called skill badges. We will still have event badges available at the Little Scouts meetups once a month. Below is the list of badges we have so far along with how to earn each one.

For a scout to prove they earned a skill badge, they must submit an email to that includes what badge they are trying to earn, along with a paragraph or two about what they did to earn that badge. If the scout has a signed permission slip from his/her big or pictures of the activity, these can also be included. A few hard-working scouts will be chosen every month as the "Star Scouts" and will be featured in that month's newsletter, with their permission, of course. Below are the first 10 skill badges available, and more will come out every month!

1. Educator Badge - Got a skill or an idea for a class? Put together a class or discussion to teach other ageplayers. It doesn't have to be about ageplay, it can be anything from crafts to rope tying!

2. Mentor a Newbie badge - Being the new one in a group can be a bit scary, especially for some littles. Help someone new to ageplay by inviting them to an event and being a supportive friend who can answer questions and make them feel welcome.

3. Volunteer badge - There are many ways to volunteer in the kink community and lots of events and groups that need help! This badge can be earned multiple times with different groups, such as Citadel Volunteer, Alchemy Volunteer, Pride Parade Volunteer, ect. This badge cannot be earned by doing a volunteer shift to get in free to an event.

4. Rope Tying badge - Learn how to tie rope by going to a bondage class, learning from a friend, or practicing knots on your own! Must dedicate at least one hour to learning about rope tying.

5. Boot-blacking badge - Learn about the art of boot-blacking by taking a class or learning from a friend and practice boot-blacking at least one time. Must dedicate at least one hour to learning about boot-blacking.

6. Cooking badge - Try your hand at making something delicious in the kitchen. Bake a small treat or cook a whole meal, but remember to have adult supervision when using the stove! Must dedicate at least one hour to learning about cooking.

7. Crafting badge - Get creative by making something that you've never made before. This can be anything from origami to painting to making your own stuffed animal! Use your imagination to earn this badge. Must dedicate at least one hour to crafting.

8. Dungeon Monitor Training - Get your training to become a dungeon monitor at events. There is always a need for good dungeon monitors, and it helps everyone have a good and safe time!

9. First aide Training - Take a first aide training course! They are offered in many places, and there are also kink first aide classes taught regularly. Please provide your first aide training certificate as proof to earn this badge.

10. Community Helper - Are you a regular helper in your kink community? Do you get involved in putting together events, setting up for parties, or leading discussions? What are you doing to make a difference? Tell your story to earn this badge!